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Strategies to Reduce Increased Gun Violence During Challenging Times - Speaker view
David Burns
Good afternoon and thank you for joining. Please feel free to submit questions into the chat or into Q&A. Thank you!
Shafiq Abdussabur
Mayor Suarez, since Florida is a Stand Your Ground State, do you think this is contributing to gun violence in your city?
Shafiq Abdussabur
Mayor Castor- Mayor Castor- Often Decentralization of Police Services has led to a one dimensional approach to crime reduction strategies in Black and Brown Communities. What assessment measures from community and police do you have in place to curtail this?
Mayor Jane Castor
Am not aware of one dimensional approaches in neighborhoods. We work with each neighborhood to identify crime and qol issues that they want addressed. Our policing approach is based on the expectation that residents will keep their neighborhoods safe with the assistance of the police officers, not the other way around. We also have a series of external and internal checks and balances (quality assurance, nhw and assoc, crb, etc) to ensure everyone has a voice in and a responsibility to keep their neighborhood safe.
Shafiq Abdussabur
Ron Teachman-In 2012, I was the Chairman for the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers. We contacted Shot Spotter to create a community partnership to establish urban gun violence prevention initiatives. Shot Spotter was not interested in this type of initiative. In 2021, What is Shot Spotter's current commitment to creating community partnerships to help prevent urban gun violence and addressing trauma treatment (particularly in Black and Brown Communities)? 
Lavonnie Bickerstaff
Tampa Florida, can you speak more about the initiaitves that you are using in your City. I believe you indicated the Gang Member Alliance.
Nick Wilson
ShotSpotter provides real-time data to deploy law enforcement responses. Have any cities used ShotSpotter to quickly bring services and community responses to tragedies? I also know in the past Ron Teachman has discussed using ShotSpotter for increasing police legitimacy in community. And thank you to everyone from City of Baltimore Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement
Joy Holliday
Is there any current litigation involving using ShotSpotter technology?
Jamaal Smith
I have heard much about enforcement strategies to address violence, as Ron stated, violence is a disease that can be prevented. There are long standing systemic practices that have violently impacted Black and Brown communities for years, leading to the psychological and physiological trauma experienced by Black and Brown people. How are you all evaluating violence from a public health lens and elevating more strategies that impact social determinants of health, thus being more of a prevention method?
Jamaal Smith
Here is a model based out of Milwaukee focused on a public health approach to violence: www.414life.com
Jamaal Smith
If anyone has questions on our Blueprint for Peace (414life), feel free to contact me at jasmith@milwaukee.gov.
Linda Olson
Thanks all.